21 Days Mind Reprogramming workshop with NLP and Law of Attraction

This is a special workshop where Neha works on training minds of individuals to get over the negative past imprints, be it related to relationships, health, career or money. There are certain blockages of mind which cease the necessary actions to attract abundance and happiness. Neha addresses these blockages through tried and tested NLP tools and techniques. The mind is rewired and open to accepting new opportunities.

8 Weeks Goals MANIFESTATION and Mapping Workshop

This workshop is specially created to help participants understand their life purpose and goals. Only when a person knows one’s direction, can one prosper and succeed in it. The workshop is most valuable for individuals to become self-aware about their passion and cultivate ways and means to manifest their goals. The subconscious techniques practiced by Neha, help participants clear their head from the unwanted expectations, fears and confusion. Towards the end of the workshop, participants understand their self-worth and the secret to expanding their self-image. This workshop is also called Discover Your Milestones, through which Neha works on creating visionaries who can attain anything they aspire for in life.

30 Days Money MANIFESTATION Workshop

Money is very important in everyone’s life. Undoubtedly, the lifestyles of people depend on the kind of money they make. Now the question is, how to attract a good amount of wealth in one’s life? The answer is, by planning for it. How much money you make, depends totally on one’s belief system and the passion to respect it when it comes to you. In the Money Mapping Workshop, Neha helps you craft strategies and techniques to respect, manage and multiply your wealth. So that you are ready to lead the lifestyle you had always wanted to. Neha’s NLP methods, bridge the concept of visualization with reality through the Money Mapping Workshop. 

1 Month Chakra Balancing Workshop

Chakras are the energy centres in the body, which form the spiritual connection of the soul with one’ surroundings. There are seven chakras along the spine, moving through the neck and the head. Respective chakras correspond to specific organs in body, and their present state is responsible for the physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being of an individual. The 1 month Chakra Balancing workshop with Neha Bhatia helps participants to get over the blockages through various NLP / Mind techniques. The blockages can be like constant fear, grief-stricken mentality and stressed, regretful, guilty behaviour of a person. The participants can align their chakras, hence opening their mindset to create harmonious relations with dear-ones / colleagues and be more focussed on the professional front. Neha is a certified Yoga practitioner and trainer for many years and often gives a mix of NLP and meditation workshop to help people make the most of it. With the awareness and knowledge of the chakras, individuals can feel the positive outlook on their body within the workshop period only.

1 Month NLP Train the Trainer Workshop

Correct balance, techniques and approach are pre-requisites that a Trainer must possess. Neha is on a mission to share her knowledge of NLP with more and more people, i.e., by making them certified NLP Practitioners and Trainers. So that they can share it further in their groups, to help people become the best version of themselves. In this manner, they can create more and more Leaders who inspire and guide other people. It must be noted that the presence of a Mentor can help a seeker save one’s time, and become efficient and responsible. Neha gives ample time to the Trainees to introspect and realise their inner potential. They will be ready to deliver workshops somewhere midway through the workshop by practicing the techniques in real time. If they come across a challenge in delivering their respective workshop to any of their clients, Neha will be happy to guide. Through the training, participants can:

1. Learn the skill of detaching themselves from the challenges / problems of their clients.
2. Learn how Law of Attraction & Law of Vibration work

The NLP Train the Trainer Workshop goes on for a period of 1 month, where Neha Bhatia trains the trainees for 35-40 hours.

1 Month Health & Wellness Workshop

The word disease is a combination of dis and ease, which means that if someone is suffering from it then an individual is at dis-ease, and not normal. If an individual is stuck in a ‘disease’ state for a long time, or not able to get out of it, then there is an issue affecting the mind and not the body. Many diseases can be corrected through mind-mapping and contemplation of diverse range of thoughts and attitudes. Sometimes diseases can be due to financial insecurity, stress related factors, low-self esteem, inferiority complex, unease at the emotional and mental level. Through the NLP techniques used by Neha Bhatia, such behavioural challenges are addressed; and participants are made to challenge the negative patterns. While some disease patterns could take a longer time, there are some patterns that can be addressed in lesser time. Through the health and wellness workshop:

1. Participants can get over the ‘victim’ identity they have of themselves in the mind.
2. Generate new mental patterns with the techniques of reprogramming.
3. Understand what affects your peace, and learn techniques that make you confident, merrier and in a positive state of mind at all times.
4. Get the ‘key’ to lead a balanced and healthy life.