Client Testimonial

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” This famous quote stands true, as we experience positivity, cheerfulness and strength in the people who connect with us. They might come with mixed thoughts, stigma of unwanted circumstances, but leave with an open and free mind. The mission statement of Neha Bhatia has been, “Make Revolution Your Main Objective, Evolution Will Be Complimentary.”

Disha Sachdeva - Testimonial (Client)

Disha Sachdeva

Bollywood Actress

After my association with Neha Bhatia, in the last one year I got FAME, VISIBILITY & RECOGNITION by bagging 2 Bollywood films, plenty of ad-films, hoarding-ads and started attracting good clients. I also found financial stability that was always awaited. Now I can see my bright future, I am confident to manifest more beautiful accomplishments in my hat. In my belief, I have become a better actor & consider that I am currently playing a good character in my life.



Content Manager
My experience with Neha ma’am has been really magical. I was an introvert but after a few sessions, it got a bit easy to communicate with people around. The Syed I knew before the sessions was different and the one after the sessions was different.



After taking sessions with Neha, my Relationship with my wife and kid has got Improved a lot and I feel more positive. My Wife’s Behaviour has changed towards me and We give the respect to each other tha we deserve.I have started to take responsibility of my actions, emotions and responses.


Naresh Narula

Actor & Engineer

I was facing health & emotional challenges and took 6-7 sessions with Neha, sitting in a different city. During the sessions, she helped me overcome my issues & challenges and realign my thought process. My challenges were resolved and I was so much influenced that I joined the “Train the Trainer” programme with Neha.




It’s an amazing workshop with me. I learnt so many things like how emotions are affecting our life. The amazing techniques are much helpful to me. My life is balanced at physical, mental and emotional level. I am more confident in handling my day to day stress. Especially I appreciate your personal review session. I am always grateful to you. Thank you for being a good mentor.


Reiki Healer

In April 2019 I committed to Neha’s ’Training the Trainer’ program in NLP, not knowing that much about NLP at the time. Over the 12 weeks I was surprised at the content and how easily and quickly the techniques affected me and enabled me to move through blockages, belief systems, issues that I had that had been with me for some time.



For me this workshop was a blessing because there were certain blockages which I was aware of and some were there which I wasn’t. In both the cases, the techniques helped me with the process to remove the blockages. Neha, you were very kind and consistent throughout the process and you made sure that your clients are also dedicated towards the intense techniques by keeping weekly review sessions. Thank you Neha.

Srishti Jain


My inability to cope up with hurtful words said by people is now in complete control because of practice. The techniques are very helpful and So is my Mentor. I remember during the sessions there had been a time when I could not practice and was literally very occupied with work home, health and everything else at the same time and wanted to give up. It was NEHA who motivated me and I completed all my sessions.


Yoga Trainer

Neha gives a refreshing approach to NLP training. She helped me find clarity in my thoughts and aspirations, reminding me what is important to focus on in working towards my goals. She is a great mentor and woman to teach you when facing difficult challenges.

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Here are some messages we received from our clients after they successfully completed their 21-days Mind Reprogramming Workshop with NLP / Mind Trainer Neha Bhatia.