21 Days Mind Reprogramming Workshop
(Whatsapp Based)

Build Healthy Relationships, Multiply Money & Lead a Peaceful Life

Build Healthy Relationships, Multiply Money & Lead a Peaceful Life

About Neha Bhatia

Neha Bhatia is the Founder of Nehkagrata. She is herself an NLP Coach, Yoga Trainer, Motivational Speaker & Public Speaker for over a decade. She works on training the minds of people for their holistic wellness. Various kinds of NLP techniques and tools are applied to help transform the Relationships, Financial Condition and Health for good. She is an NLP Coach for 4 years, and trains individuals to achieve their life-goals.

Neha focusses on clearing the blockages of mind to attract more Positivity, Wealth, Love and Peace. Through her workshops, seminars & other talks, Neha aims to reach as many people as she can; to share the secret of peaceful living, healthy mind and body. Till date, she has touched lives of over 1,00,000 people globally through her private, digital and group workshops. Been a Public Speaker (Stage Anchor) for the last 12 years, Neha has lived the art of connecting with people from all walks of life. A testimony of the same can be found in her Youtube videos, where she shares the knowledge of her craft and discusses deeper insights about life and living. Currently, her Youtube channel has over 80 videos, including messages from her happy clients, other than her Anchoring, Yoga and NLP videos.

Join her WhatsApp workshop and become the best version of yourself over the passage of three weeks where you can discover yourself like never before! Get guaranteed mind transformation after completing the workshop with Neha. You deserve more than what you think, and this life transformational workshop shall help you realise the same.

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Magical Meditation for Protecting Your Energy

(Attain growth by focussing on the better things in life, and not letting anything take away your peace. Learn to save your energy, keep your mind balanced through the special Yogic exercise. Create warm relationships with your friends and loved ones. Train your mind, to achieve bigger goals in life.)


Learn how to set your plans and fulfil them. The workshop helps you find a direction in life, and become determined. The challenges such as hesitation, inferiority-complex and lack of confidence are dealt with.


Solve the mystery of managing money the right way. Attract more money and peace in your life, because your mind controls it all. Have a stable bank balance, that doesn’t let you think twice before spending. Craft the life of your dreams.


Health comes first, and it should not be ignored in any case. Through this workshop, you learn techniques to remain stress-free, active and happier. Win over diseases through the magic of NLP. To know how, talk to us.


Healthy relationships are important for the harmonious living. Learn how to lead both personal and professional relationships with grace, warmth and respect. Our clients have found harmony in their personal lives and success in their professional work-front after taking

Neha Bhatia’s 21-Days Transformational Workshop.

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Parenthood Through Consciousness

From This Workshop You Get Access To

1. Mind Programming Tools & Techniques

2. Realise The Power of Conscious & Subconscious Mind

3. Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

4. Become Relaxed Through Meditation


1. Audio shall give you TASKS & Techniques of the day.

2. Videos/ Images/ Graphics: Learn the Steps & Guidelines to perform task efficiently.

3. Get motivational messages and quotes for better impact.

4. Text shall provide you the Tools & Tips to carry out the techniques properly.



In the beginning of the workshop, Neha emphasises on relaxing the mind of the burdens and mountains that one carries in the head. The tools and techniques used by Neha, help an individual feel equilibrium within oneself.

Appreciate & Nourish Your Inner Self

Once on-board, the mind-training takes you on a journey of self-realisation of the beautiful gift of life you have. You tend to appreciate little moments, and find your happiness in the simplest things in life. It is through this time that you realise what’s holding you down, and what makes you stronger. In short, you learn to value your strengths and work on the loose points, to live the life of your dreams.


Through the resources that Neha provides you in the form of audio, visuals and text messages; you start focussing on the important things in your life. Those could also be to understand the power of maintaining positive relationships with your dear ones. Meditation shall be introduced, to bring the much needed balance in your actions and response to the environment around you. Realign your past, present & future by removing past painful memories. The patterns that created challenges in life would be worked upon for your mindful reprogramming.


Knowing your goals is vital to achieve them and move in a given direction. Find your calling working for you, and gain confidence in your work and actions. Meditation technique that Neha incorporates in her lessons, gives you inner-belief and faith in your daily tasks. Be prepared to excel in life, being humble and thankful for whatever you achieve. Parameters to address the outcomes will be discussed.

Relationship Building

You’ll realise the challenges you have faced in relationships, whether on the personal front or professional front. Tune your mind to attract happiness in your life and build beautiful bonds with people. It will include healing and manifestation techniques.

Feel the Independence

Learn how to attract the wealth you had always dreamt about. Mind-training shows you the path of bringing your aspirations to reality. The subconscious mind prepares your financial growth, all you have to do is tell your mind you’re worth it. But how to tell that, this workshop will guide you through that.


Every individual deserves a healthy, body and mind; but often it’s forgotten that the control of one’s life is in one’s own beliefs and disbeliefs. Win over your state and emotions, and lead a healthy life. Neha works closely on state and emotions, to heal diseases through mind-reprogramming exercises.

A New You

Here would be the Execution Day. Walk the past, present and future along with aligning your emotions.

Meet the New You - Affirmation

Get a customised script for yourself – that shall inspire you to be the best version of yourself everyday. It’s your choice to be the best, so take up the opportunity towards being the best you, through this 21 days NLP training with Neha Bhatia.

Read the New Script of Your Life - of an Evolved & Confident Individual