Do you want to have an impact and Influence on People with the Power Of Communication, without Convincing anyone?

Learn a Step by Step Method to Master the Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

The Influencing Communicator Workshop is a Challenge to Break your Fear of Judgements, Design a Compelling Communication Flow and Experience a Breakthrough

Remove Fear of Judgements

Gain Massive Confidence

Learn the Modern Structure of Communication

5star Rated
9 hours Content to Make you take Action
Lifetime access to Community- Inspire and get inspired

Who is it for?

Anybody Who want to close the gap with his Clients , Customers and Viewers with the Power of Communication

From 8 June
8pm - 9pm
( Replays Available too)

Day 1

  1. 3 Cs Of Communication
  2. Take your Confidence from 0 To Atleast 8.
  3. People feel it at 10 too
    Get Clarity in your Message
  4. Remove Fear of Judgements and Camera Fear
#Challenge 1

Day 2

Learn to Capture your Listeners, Viewer or Audience in 7 seconds Develop a Voice that sells , Not just tell
#7Seconds Challenge

Day 3

Design Content and Communication Flow Create Topics and Content in 15 minutes
#challenge 3- Thoughts to Words

Day 4

Understand Beyond The Words Body Language Hacks

Day 5

Build a Compelling Future- Remove the Negative Self Beliefs

Why Neha Bhatia?

Hey Future Influencer, I am Neha Bhatia and I am on a Mission to Create Powerful, Effective and Influencing Communicators.

Communication that  will help you personally and Professionally.

I started my Journey As a Stage Speaker 10 years ago. I have hosted more than 700 events ,Conducted more than 300 Live Workshops. And 7 High Value Online Workshops in my kitty now. 

And this is one of them .

Did you know it takes 10000 hours to Master a Skill. 3 Hours everyday for 9 Years. So I am not kidding . I’m talking To you as an Expert , And I can help you with Your Communication and save your Time and struggle.



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Bonuses Worth ₹4500

Bonus 1

Icw Community


Bonus 2

Free sessions Every Fortnight


Bonus 3

My Personal Feedback on your Communication


Bonus 4

Business Communication and Modern Sales Codes



That’s Always Better , However we do Provide Replays on the respective dates, You are welcome to ask questions on community. Group Energy Produces Exceptional Results.

No , Its Not Refundable.  But your Mind will be Blown Away with the Value and Experience we Provide.

Yes, But we don’t insist you. And Growth is a Very Important need of a Human Being. Its upto you to Decide.

No , There is no certificate.