Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it online or Offline?

It is an Online Workshop with approximately 25 Sessions. You may Follow it as per your Convenience. Though we suggest you to give 20 minutes a Day as you are Preparing for a Bigger Picture. Consistency will be the Key .

2. Will I be able to Manifest My Goals?

Definitely, You can if you follow the Process Correctly and Consistently.

3. What is the Age Group required for this Workshop?

Anybody above 14 years can join the Workshop. We have made an 8 year old do the Processes too, However, there has to be a Personal Support of Trainer or the Parent.

4. Will I Get a Certificate?

Yes, Certificates are Provided only on Request. And there’s no Hidden Charges. As soon as you are done with the Workshop, Please Mail us and We will Provide you the Certificate.

5. Is it important to be a part of the Community?

Its up to you. If you want to be around the Like minded People following their Passion and Vision, It can be A life Changing and Uplifting.

6. If I Dont like the Workshop and benefit from the Workshop, Will I be Refunded?

It has never happened in the last 5 years , However Yes, If after completing all the sessions, You don’t find it worthy , we will refund you.

7. How is it Different from Other Workshops?
Well, For that you have to come and Experience. Neha holds 12 years of Experience in Mind Reprogramming and have Achieved fame , Success and Recognition.

She brings on table not just the Knowledge but An experience too. If you want just Knowledge, there are lot of YouTube Videos but if you are looking for an Experience, this one is for you. At the end, Its the experience that counts.

8. How much time do I need to Give to this Workshop Daily?

All you need to give is 20 Minutes Everyday to this Workshop.

9. If I have any doubts or questions, Will that be Resolved?

Definitely, You will remain in touch with Neha on watsapp throughout the Journey. We have a Live and Recorded Masterclass Every Week on the Community where we can take your questions without revealing your name.

10. Is it a Live Workshop?

It is a Pre Recorded Workshop ,However you get Free Live and Recorded Sessions every Week on Community. Also we keep upgrading the Workshop every few months and you will be notified whenever we update.

11. Will I be able to Access the workshop after 21 days?

Yes, You get the validity according to the plan you choose.

12. Are there any Particular Dates for this Workshop?

No, The moment you sign up , You will get your Login Details and you can get Started.

13. Can I do the Goal Mapping Workshop together?

We would suggest you to do the Goal Mapping after the Completion of 21 Days.

14. There is a Lot of Content Available on YouTube and other Social Media Platforms, How will this be Different?

That’s a Good Question. YouTube has a lot of Content but No Structure. This Workshop will Provide you a step by step Method to Train your Mind and make the Desired Changes with Complete Guidance, Support and Accountability.

Is there any specific time of the Workshop?

That’s the Best Feature. You can access it anytime during the day. Although we suggest you to do in the morning as the mind is fresh and can absorb more.